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We started our home delivery service in order to get Chinese cuisine closer to Hungarians and expat people living, studying or working in Hungary.

Be traced to our food sites, a selection of raw materials, in various combination, Traditional tricks prepared by chef who has been living for ten years, working in Hungary, the Europe people are so aware of the expectations of taste.

Assembling our menu, we tried to provide insight into the “Six for your kitchen (this is what the kitchen , see our blog). Thereby creating the Hungarian people have become very popular tastes, embracing the whole population of a Chinese menu.

We work according to HACCP standards.

Unfortunately, there are more and more people who are sensitive to something.

Specifically highlight our menu, which are sensitive to gluten to consume food. What are the hot, heavy meals. Sauce flavor booster. This our food (MSG) is used by special request, we do not do it, because this substance can induce sensitization, temple square pressure headaches in some people.

If it is not something you want, as it appears on the menu, please let me know something for change, the way you like it, because here the customer is king.

Web site not only food choice, but to constantly update, thanks to the many interesting things about Chinese cuisine, different policies, giving these applications.

Listen to some Chinese music while eating your Chinese food – get charged with music, relaxation music.

Thank you for choosing our services and that you are placing an order for Chinese food made in Sinci’s cuisine!

Please call us as often as possible, and be our regular guest!


Mrs. Sinci

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